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How can I Know if I am an Alcoholic?

There are a few signs and symptoms that point to alcoholism. If you notice that you experience physical side effects when you go without alcohol, it points to the likelihood that your alcohol abuse has escalated into full-blown alcoholism. Some of these physical symptoms include getting tremors in the hands, experiencing severe muscle spasms, and increased blood pressure. The physical symptoms are usually accompanied by severe agitation.

What can I do to Help My Alcoholic Friend?

There are a few ways in which you can be of support. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your friend may get defensive. It is important to stay calm if your friend lashes out at you and becomes defensive. They have likely been in denial about their problem for a while and are scared to face the truth. Be gentle with your friend, but also be persistent. Persistence is often necessary. Most people suffering from alcohol will not agree to treatment the first time it is mentioned to them.

Can I Detox Without Medical Help?

If you have reached the point of full-blown alcoholism, and have begun to experience signs of physical addiction, it may not be safe to quit drinking without medical assistance. In severe cases, alcohol withdrawal can cause seizures, and can even lead to death. Detox is not something to be taken lightly.

What do you do With Your Time now That You Aren’t Drinking?

I have been developing a mindfulness practice as a way to reduce my cravings for alcohol. As a part of the mindfulness practice I am working on, I do things like meditation, breathing exercise and yoga. I have also started painting. I have found art to be an excellent tool for coping with the cravings and the heavy emotions that come along with moving through the recovery process. I have found that I also really enjoy writing and blogging. I write creative fiction as a way to escape the day to day stresses that come along with existing in these times.

When do the Cravings Start to Reduce?

I noticed that my cravings for alcohol started to decrease in frequency of my cravings about four months into my sobriety. As time continues to go on, I experience them less often. When I do encounter them, they are not as intense as they were when I first got clean. It is important to note that there are triggers all around us. The temptation is everywhere. With the way that alcohol is advertised in the United States, it is impossible to escape temptation entirely. However, ignoring the temptation gets easier with practice. As you start to devote yourself to your new hobbies and passions, you will likely notice that things have gotten much easier.

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