Professional treatment was a tremendous help during the process of my recovery. Going through assisted detox allowed me to finally make it past the withdrawal symptoms, which is something I had tried and failed to do countless time on my own. Getting through detox was the most difficult part of the journey, but once it was over, I could finally start to address my underlying emotional issues — the detox facility that I went to help me to connect to a center that specialized in psychological aftercare that is necessary after detox.

Getting one on one treatment from a licensed substance abuse counselor helped me to ensure that I was creating a plan for my continued success in the future. My counselor has helped me to figure out which coping mechanisms work the best for me. Before starting counseling, I didn’t know anything about coping mechanisms. I have come a very long way on my healing journey as a result of committing to getting additional treatment after completing my detox.

So far I can say that I have been able to stick to my recovery plan. However, I would be lying if I said that I never encounter cravings for alcohol. I get cravings quite often, but thanks to getting the treatment I am finally in a place in my life where I am in control of my cravings. My cravings no longer control me.

I Also Attended Group Sessions

One of the perks of getting treatment is that you get to connect to other people that have been through what you have. Having people in your life that know what it is like is very helpful. I have met a few people in the group sessions that have become close friends of mine.

When I gave up alcohol, I lost the majority of the people that I had been social with. I was worried that by giving up alcohol, I would be isolating myself. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have more support now than ever before. Now that I am sober, I am capable of maintaining coherent conversations with others. Before I got sober, my memory was so bad that I would lose track of what I was talking about a lot of the time, and begin to ramble about some other nonsense that my alcohol filled brain had concocted.

Attending group has played a huge role in my ability to stay sober, and I would recommend that anyone looking for support on their journey take advantage of this option if it is offered by the treatment center that you go to. I have yet to hear of a treatment center that does not offer group to those who are in recovery.

Attending group can help with staying motivated. It’s not only a way to receive support, but it is also a way to give back and to give support to others. Often times I have found that by sharing my experiences I have been able to help others.

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